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About RJP Electric

At RJP Electric we take pride in our rich history of high quality, budget-friendly service to meet our customer’s needs. We provide expert electrical installation in a variety of industry-specific facilities across the greater St. Louis area. From automation controls to new construction installations, RJP Electric works to keep your business connected.

The heart of our reputation is built on a dedicated and proficient staff providing exceptional work ahead of schedule. We intentionally monitor each project’s needs to both exceed customer expectations and outperform industry standards. We do the job right the first time, on time, all the time and that’s our commitment to you.


Bob Peat


Carolyn Juelfs Valentine

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Andy Hudson

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Katie Herr

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Director of Construction Design/Build

Joe Williams

Cell: 314-267-8060

CAD Design

Tim Martison

Cell: 314-677-8215

Project Manager

Tim Vander Pluym

Cell: 618-791-2392

Project Manager

Steve Jensen

Cell: 314-680-8111

Project Manager

Gus Mantia

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Project Manager

Mike Mantia

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Project Manager

Gabe Warner

Cell: 314-581-1688

Project Manager

Dennis Naumann

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Project Manager

Ray Meyer

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Field Operations & Safety

Randy Bowers

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Telecom Assistant

Tricia Hecksetter

Warehouse Manager

Chris Carapella

Cell: 314-677-8340


Founder Bob Peat first launched RJP Electric in 1995 as one of St. Louis’ upcoming electrical service providers. Since its inception, RJP Electric has grown through its union acquisition with Universal Electric in 2002 and Wentzel Electric in 2011, further expanding our commercial, residential and telecom services. Today we are now recognized as one of the premier electrical service provides in the greater St. Louis and eastern Missouri area. Our future is bright at RJP Electric and we look forward to serving St. Louis and beyond for many years to come.

RJP Electric has established a reputation for cost effective, high quality electrical installations for a variety of electrical needs. We have expertise in design build construction, automations controls, maintenance, tenant finish and generator installations for commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal facilities.

The strength and reputation of RJP Electric is the result of a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that consistently performs high quality work on time. The quality of our workforce allows RJP to be extremely cost-effective while performing a wide variety of electrical installations. RJP limits the number and size of projects we undertake to ensure quality results for each of our customers.

Advisory Board

RJP Electric assembled an advisory board shortly after its conception in 1995 to oversee and monitor the company’s growth and direction. Member’s backgrounds include construction, retail, wholesale customer service and finance. This exemplary board adds to the quality and professionalism for which RJP Electric constantly strives.

Current and Past Board Members

  • Bob Peat, President of RJP Electric, Current

  • Greg Diekemper, CEO of Swank Motion Pictures, Current

  • Steve Mueller, CFO of Peak Resorts, Current

  • Ray Pieper, Retired President of J.S. Alberici, Current

  • Sam Riezman, Retired VP: Sachs Electric, Payne Electric, LK Comstock, Past Members

  • JW Kisling, Retired Chairman of Multiplex Beverage, Past Members

  • Charles Peat, Retired project manager for Sachs Electric, Past Members